From solar energy came life, light and replicas of the one world in consciousness. Now, in the same manner, the World Wide Web is providing a path of freedom for any thinking person to connect with any other thinking person who is willing to share his or her joy and knowledge. That gives a new dimension to consciousness. Countless millions of new possibilities have suddenly sprung up. Any home can be the central home of the whole world, without negating its own uniqueness and identity. But that makes each person more responsible to maintain his or her dignity, in the chivalrous spirit of caring for one's neighbor, too.

Until now wisdom and the ability to enjoy the mysteries of the world were monopolized by individuals or institutions. Now it is as if all the doors of private monopoly are flung open. A song Sung by a lone person can now belong to the whole world. No invention or discovery can be privately patented any more. This freedom we enjoyed previously only in warming ourselves in the Sunshine or keeping our companionship with the moon which provides us with her celestial company as we dream our poetic thoughts.

The uniqueness of a human being lies in the ability to respond, not only to fellow beings, but also to every aspect of nature. We respond to the promises of Earth, rain-bearing clouds and changing climatic influences, making ourselves quite at home with our world. Today no problem is a private or personal problem; it is a problem of life on Earth. That makes us a million times more responsible than ever before. Corrupting or polluting one mind can become the devastation of the future promises of life.

We have the good tidings of the Internet as well as the tragedy of a universal holocaust which can happen any time. That is why we cannot leave our brothers or neighbors to take care of themselves. There is only one pulsating heart and that is the heart of the universe. We have to adjust all our pulsations in empathy with Earth's heart beat. The twenty-first century is still two years distant. But we are already in the world of amazing unity and unimaginable vastness. Fortunately nobody is alone. We can hold our hands together everywhere and reassure ourselves that we can rise as one body to maintain the decorum of our universal friendship.

--Guru Nitya Chaitanya Yati