G A I A   M I N D

Today we meditate on our universal belongingness to each other as children of the living Earth, Gaia. The Earth is a member of the planetary family of the Sun. The Sun is like a father continuously caring for the entire planetary system. The Sun is a star of great magnificence belonging to the Milky Way, and there are innumerable other stars with and without planets to which the Sun is like a brother. The phenomena of life is such that it originates with the simple structuring of one atom and then proliferates into countless millions. We can say that the growth phase of an atom into a multitudinous conglomeration marks an evolutionary process even of the starry heavens. Such is the system of the universal growth of anything. In the same way that all the atoms are interrelated, all stars of the heavens are also interrelated. However small a person is, he or she is a speck of Earth. Earth shares her life with all beings, whether one-celled bacteria or multi-celled animals like humans, birds and fish. There is thus an intimate kinship between humans and all living beings which thrive on Earth.

Universal consciousness has now been initiated by the cyberspace of the internet. Cyberspace now presents the possibility of providing a universal mind to all. Human beings are animals which have the special talent to complete quantitative factors to create qualitative effects. This ability to computerize has now generated a World Wide Web where the consciousness of one person can respond to the consciousness of many. The greatest victory made by the W.W.W. is the annulling of all frontiers that have existed between state-claimed areas. Now the sky has become one singular friendly sky for all. Until recently this idea of cyber freedom belonged only to the Sun and Moon and the starry heavens.